Why all the 5DMk2 Posts?

Some people have asked why a 35mm adapter Maker would blog about a DSLR cameras like the 5DMk2 and the new 7D, after all they are without a doubt the start of the death of 35mm adapters aren't they?

Well, the answer is yes, and no,
YES in the fact that this cameras are already affecting adapters sales, not so much JAG sales yet as we are on the low end but I can imagine the mid price adapter sales must be slowing down. This makes sense because for many that are buying a product for the first time going the video camera plus 35mm adapter way is actually more money than just buying a GH1 or a 7D with a kit lens.
And NO because a lot of people already own part of their kit and only need to expand on it so buying a 35mm adapter is more affordable than buying a whole new set up, for example say you already have your beloved hvx200 and granpa left you a set of nice nikon primes in the attic, getting an adapter opens up the shallow depth of field world to you and you don't have to give up the ability to shoot good audio and sequences longer than 12 minutes, so you get more for way less than buying a whole new DSLR system.

But the reason I use and blog about this cameras is that they are the future, they shoot amazing video and they do it JAG style, and by that I mean, that they are to a certain extent affordable, they are small, light and they help you shoot everyday life, all things that were on top of my list while designing the JAG35 line of adapters. This is the reason I believe a large percentage of JAG users will eventually migrate to some sort of DSLR in the near future. And by having used and played with these systems as they are coming out, hopefully I could post useful stuff to all once JAG35 users and everyone else interested in using DSLR cameras for video use.

So should you get a DSLR right now? Should you throw away your hv40 and get a 5Dmk2? Well It all really depends on what you'll be using it for. You need to keep in mind that DSLR's still have huge limitations like a 12 minute continous recording time limit, poor sound recording capabilities, No auto focus, and you will need lots of lenses to match what you might be used to on your video camera's built in lens. Also keep in mind that although the camera bodies are relatively affordable, good lenses cost a lot of money, So for example if you buy a canon body like the 7D you'll be spending about $2K but if you want the matching canon glass that goes with it, you will need another $8-10K for a set of fast primes as the good ones almost cost $2k. Of course you can always rent them or use older nikon glass found cheaply on ebay, but trust me eventually you will want modern quality glass to go with your amazing DSLR body. Bottom line is, if you can afford to buy one and all the add on accessories that will help you work around its limitations then go for it. Just do keep in mind that at this point it cost more to switch to a DSLR than to just add an affordable JAG35 adapter to your existing camera. Of course this will not always be the case as prices keep coming down and more manufacturers come out with video capable camera bodies. We currently live in very exciting times for digital video with all the coming products that are just in the horizon.


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