Anamorphic on a 7D

I remember buying an anamorphic lens for or DVX100 camera a few years ago in the search for more resolution. The idea is that if you bend the light of a 2.35 aspect ratio image to fit into a 4:3 sensor, then stretch it to the 2.35 aspect ratio on post, then you get more resolution because you'll end up using the entire sensor instead of just cropping the top and the bottom of the 4:3 image.

Well turns out these lenses are still around and some people are saying, Why not?
Stu Maschwitz from 'Pro Lost" Has posted some sample videos of footage shot using a 7D and 50mm f/1.4 lens. Mounted to that with a stepper ring is a Iscorama-Anamorphot 1.5x-54 (Isco-Göttingen) anamorphic lens.

Update: The folks at posted this video shot on a 5dm2 + lomo roundfront anamorphics


Nick Brian Walters said...

we have an entire group dedicated to anamorphics over on vimeo :

Got forum posts with info, tons of video's, etc.

-Nick Brian Walters

Artists United said...

Could I use an anamorphic lens with a Panasonic HDC-TM300?? Wich one ?

Vladimir said...

This is wacky, stretching an image that is already wide? Even Stu says that its kind of useless (because of loss of light and other things)

The guy with the panasonic: look for century optics converter.

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