Get your Order Before Christmas!

The only way that's gonna happen is if you would have placed your order two weeks ago. At this point, there's absolutely no way we'll get an adapter to you before Christmas if you place your order this week. Sorry about that, but there's just no way.

As much as we'd like to gain on our list and ship everything out to you guys today, it's just no possible, we're doing our best and working as fast as we possibly can, but with the holidays rush everything seems to be going slower, so getting our parts has taken longer for us too, so bear with us, as we try and get everyone's order in a timely manner.


Anonymous said...

I just ordered mine last week and got it today. They told me the same thing last week before this blog post so they are not making this up.

I asked for rush shipping. Thanks for the fast shipment. Now I'm getting ready to try my newbie hand at this and get ready to record the family for Christmas!


Anonymous said...


What day did you order it last week. I ordered mine wednesday night and did rush shipping too. I'm not necessarily trying to get mine before christmas, but just anxious to get it! about how many days did it take you to get it?

Sara Samsøe Moghaddas said...

Hey! I ordered my jag35st adapter the 10th of december - do you think it will arrive before christmas? I live in Denmark.

Joel said...

Hey i add my question here 'cause im not sure did i got them sent with the contact-form.


Im really interested in buying the JAG35ST, but first i want to make sure that i have understood everything correctly.

So first of all i have this really newb question. To make sure: this is a lens that you can put on your videocamera to add the 35mm film-look to the image? Can i use this lens with my Sony HDR-HC1E cam (with 37mm thread size)? I also have the HD5050 wide-lens by Raynox, so can i use these products somehow together or is this a completely stupid idea? And then you have this cool thing added to the lens ( first video here), is it some kind of protection against the too bright sunlight (i don't know the english term for this) ? Do you sell those ? Also, you seem to be shooting with normal Digital cameras, is that because of the better focusing possibilities than with cheap videocameras?

And the most important question is that do you ship your products to EU-area and to be more specific to Finland? And how much would it cost?

Thank you!

(joel.tainio [at]

The Second Half Story said...

I ordered on Dec 3. They took over $400 out of my bank account via PAyPal. Today is Dec 20th - NOTHING! No response to emails, no product. NO NOTHING. Is this some sort of scam shop?

George Gilmartin
Brooklyn NY

Jehu said...

Hi George, you certainly got this email from us, we send it to every one that orders, it reads:

"Hi there, thank you for placing an order, this email is to inform you that your order has been received.

Currently orders are being shipped approximately 10 working days after they are placed. Here is a breackdown of our shipping procedures:
Priority Shipping = Ships out Approx. in 10 days and arrives 2-4 days anywhere in the US.
Express Shipping = Ships out Approx. in 10 days and arrives 1-2 days anywhere in the US.
Rush Order = Ships out Approx. in 5 days and arrives 1-2 days anywhere in the US.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your order using our online contact page here:
Also make sure to visit our FAQ section for more information:"

Your order was scheduled to Ship out the 17th but due to holiday delays like the above post explains, we are running 1-2 working days late on your order, We do apologize for that.
As far us taking $400 out of your bank.....well, is more like "you" placed an order and "you" placed the said $400 into our account.
Emails? Dont really know what to say, we answer emails all day.
"Scam Shop" well we have been called many things before but I don't think Scam Shop is been one of them.

Anonymous said...

hi i'm Ericson from Dominica and i placed an order last saturday. i live all the way in the caribbean. not sure when i will get my special jagst limited addition. Just give me a heads up. is it shipped via usps?

Anonymous said...

i guess nobody posts here anymore

Admin said...

We usually email you a tracking number as soon as we ship your order.

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