Fun Dinner with fellow Filmmakers

So after an all night flight to orlando we made our way to the Orlando Hilton, A brand new hotel, so new that we were told we are the first to ever stay in our room.
After checking in and settling in our room we decide to go downstairs for dinner. We chose to eat at David's where we were glad to find some familiar faces already there.
Me with Philip Bloom and Joe Stunzi

Den Lennie and Joe Stunz

Also got Philip Practicing some spanish:


Vladimir Rojas said...

Hey guys, I will be stopping by later on Monday and visiting the trade show on Tuesday, I will be happy to finally meet you all.


Misa Garcia said...

Hi Vlad, it was very nice meeting you, hope your enjoying the F-Stop Academy Session!

Vladimir said...

F-Stop academy was great. I was also very impressed with the quality of the JAG PRO's displayed for the session. Great work JAG guys!

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